Concrete and stones

After Pablo Picasso met Sylvette David in 1954 he made many artworks of her. In total he made over 60 portrais, drawings, paintings and small sculptures of her. Since 1971 a replica by Carl Nesjar of Sylvette stands in Rotterdam.

Inside the sculpture is a metal frame that is covered with concrete mixed with black stones. The artist Carl Nesjar sand-blasted the image into the concrete exposing the black stones. With the purchase of Sylvette already in 1971 shows the modern and progressive character of Rotterdam. Especially as one of Pablo Picasso’s works in the streets.

Behind the concrete sculpture is the Breathe Walk Die sign on top of the Boijnmans van Beuningen museum. Another artwork is the De Hals sculpture on the other side of the street. Meanwhile Sylvette in Rotterdam still watches over the street and its many visitors. Here is the location!

sylvette david pablo picasso carl nesjar street art rotterdam