Ho ho ho

As of 2001 the Santa Claus sculpture by Paul McCarthy belongs to Rotterdam. Of course good old Father Christmas comes with a tree and bell. Although many doubt that it’s an actual Christmas tree and call it something else. Therefore in Rotterdam many call this Santa mostly Kabouter Buttplug (Buttplug Gnome).

For Paul McCarthy it is Santa Clause by the Coca Cola Company who ruined the great Christmas feeling. Therefore making Christmas a shopping holiday instead about nice traditions. Meanwhile the Santa Claus sculpture is in a shopping street in Rotterdam since the year 2008. This attracts visitors into the many shops in the area. Exactly the opposite of what the artist actually wants. It is at walking distance of both the Nieuwe Binnenweg street and the Fikkie sculpture by Joeki Simák.

All by all the Santa Claus sculpture is without doubt part of the many street art in Rotterdam. Although most know it as Kabouter Buttplug (Buttplug Gnome). Here is the location!

santa claus paul mccarthy kabouter buttplug statue eendrachtsplein street art rotterdam