The World Port Center (1998-2001) in Rotterdam is by the architect Sir Norman Foster. With its 124 meters height the second high-rise building ever in the Kop van Zuid area. The building has two towers and a middle interconnecting part. While the squared tower is 80 meters high the semi-round tower is 100 meters high. The middle part connects both towers with a height of 124 meters. There are 32 floors inside the World Port Center. Furthermore two more underground floors function as a parking for 500 vehicles.

Beside several companies there are also the Municipal Port Authority and Calamity Center inside the World Port Center. The Port Authority manages all the port activity and the Calamity Center handles oil or chemical spills in the port.

The World Port Center in Rotterdam stands behind the historical Hotel New York building. Here is the location!

world port center norman foster architecture rotterdam kop van zuid