Newer Orléans

While New Orleans is named after the French place Orléans, there is a tower with a similar name in Rotterdam. Alongside the Nieuwe Maas river stands the New Orleans in Rotterdam. The tower (2007-2010) is by the architect Álvaro Siza.

The New Orleans in Rotterdam is 158 meters and 45 floors high. Underneath the building are two more floors that provide parking space for 268 vehicles. Beside the 234 appartments there is a health club with a gym, sauna, swimming pool and a 1000 m2 large roof terrace from where the residents enjoy the view.

The sand-coloured natural stone on the exterior explains the sandy color of the tower. Also notice that the building’s plinth is mostly glass. The Lantaren Venster theater with five hall and a special jazz stage is in the plinth.

Similar to the Freedom Tower in New York, the New Orleans in Rotterdam is with an outstanding construction. A total of 14 highly fortified steel columns form the base of the building. The Art Deco styled crown on top gives the building that 1930s New York skyscrapers look. The name New Orleans is because of the many warehouses once in the area.

The tower by Álvaro Siza stands next to the Montevideo in the Kop van Zuid neighborhood in Rotterdam. Here is the location!

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