The New York Times

Until 1977 the headquarters for the Holland Amerika Line and since 1993 it is the Hotel New York in Rotterdam. The building from 1901 is by the architects J. Muller, C.M. Droogleever Fortuyn and C.B. van der Tak.

Altogether the Hotel New York comes with 72 rooms, a restaurant and conference halls. Noteworthy are the towers from 1917 with each a hotel room inside. Above one of the towers is a golden wind-vane in the shape of a ship. It is 115 years old and weighs 80 kilograms. This is the Halve Maen ship which Henri Hudson discovered Manhattan with. Furthermore the other tower is equipped with multiple clocks.

Next to the hotel is the Rijnhaven bridge towards the DelipleinNowadays the historical Hotel New York in Rotterdam is a national monument. Here is the location!

hotel new york rotterdam architecture