All up!

Until 1970 the Euromast Tower (1958-1960) in Rotterdam was only 107 meters high. With the addition of the Space Tower in 1970 on top nowadays the Euromast is 185 meters high. The architect of the Euromast Tower in Rotterdam is Huig Maaskant.

The tower’s diameter is 9 meters and the walls are 30 centimeters thick. All stands on top of a huge concrete block that weighs 1.900.000 kilograms. There are two elevators going up with a speed of 4 meters per second. The tower is at the entrance of the Maastunnel so that all entering or leaving the city see the tower.

At the height of 92 meters there is a restaurant with an amazing view. Moreover it is also possible to spend the night in the Euromast Tower in Rotterdam. This is in one of the 2 hotel suites.

Once upstairs the view from the Euromast Tower in Rotterdam is breathtaking. Particularly when the Euroscoop circles its way up the Space Tower. Go as high as you can! Here is the location!

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