Peace be upon you

Similarly to the Big Mosque in Medina (Saudi Arabia) is the Essalam mosque in Rotterdam. Above all with 15th century Mamelukes accents like in Cairo (Egypt). The Essalam mosque (2010) in Rotterdam is by architect Wilfried van Winden.

Inside there is a surface of 800 m2 which is enough space for 1500 visitors. The building has 2 minarets, 3 domes and 7 doors. The middle dome is 25 meters wide and therefore the largest. Most noteworthy are the minarets with each a length of 50 meters. Above the doors are Dutch, English and Arabic inscriptions that welcome all of the visitors.

Together with the Feyenoord stadium on the background the Essalam mosque (moskee) is another great structure in Rotterdam. It is open to all and even offers tours for larger groups. Here is the location!

essalam moskee mosque rotterdam architecture