Roll the Dice

The famous Cube Houses (1982-1984) connect the Oude Haven (Old Harbor) and the Blaak areas in Rotterdam. The 51 iconic Cubic Houses (kubushuizen) in Rotterdam are by architect Piet Blom. With 38 actual Cubic Houses between 13 Company Cubes.

Each Cube House is approximately 100 m2 with three floors inside. Behind the front door a staircase brings you to the first floor where the living room and kitchen are. Another set of stairs takes you to the second floor whith the bedroom(s), a bathroom and toilet. The smaller third floor is ideal for some relaxation. Through the glass ceiling one can enjoy the lovely sky-view. During warm summers it can get really hot on the third floor because of all this glass. The architecture style for the Cube Houses is Structuralism.

While walking amongst the Cube Houses in Rotterdam notice the big yellow textboards that are quotes from the architect. Actually one of the Cubic Houses in Rotterdam is publicly open for the ultimate Cube House experience. Moreover the buildings with the upside-down windows next to the yellow Cube Houses are also by Piet Blom. One is the Blaaktoren and the other is in the Old Harbor area where also the White House stands.

Because the quirky Cubic Houses look like trees locals also call them the Blaak Forest. That’s why the architect Piet Blom (1934-1999) wants you to feel like walking through a forest. Here is the location!

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