The Blaaktoren (1984) in Rotterdam is a residential tower by architect Piet Blom. Also popular as the Potlood (Pencil) building in Rotterdam because of the pointy top.

With a height of 61 meters and 15 floors the pentagonal Pencil is a radial structure. Similar to radial buildings its concrete walls radially extend from the inside towards the outside. As a result each floor is divided into 6 equally formed parts. Where 5 parts function as living areas and 1 part is for the elevators, stairways and private storage space. Actually from the 15 floors only 13 floors function as living areas. The pointy rooftop is an architectonic addition.

Further creations by Piet Blom are the yellow Cube Houses next to the Blaaktoren in Rotterdam and the residential complex in the Old Harbor area. This complex includes 250 appartments with similar upside down windows as the Blaaktoren.

Together with all the other nearby fascinating structures the Potlood in Rotterdam is certainly one that catches your attention. Here is the location!

potlood pencil blaaktoren piet blom rotterdam architecture
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